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Batlow Ciderfest

Ray Billing and Harald Tietz, Batlow Ciderfest  

The first Batlow CiderFest was in 2012 and from an initial budget of only $1,200 this event has grown from about 2,500 patrons to an estimated 8,000 patrons in 4 years. From collected data it had an estimated worth of over $800,000 to the region last year. This presentation will explain the reason why this event was established and give a brief history of how it has evolved in a short period of time. It will detail what works for them and the key elements focused on to maintain a unique and successful event. Elements covered will include having clear objectives and a support structure for an event, staying true to your objectives, cost effective advertising and gaining media support, the need for talent and communication skills within a committee, the importance of data and developing community support whilst having fun. The presentation will also highlight what has not worked and the challenges the CiderFest still faces.